Pa-Hin Lodge Press Corps

Publications Committee

The Pa-Hin Lodge Press Corps will serve as the press members that attend Lodge Events.  It will be their job to take pictures from the event to be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter, as well as take photos for a caption the photo contest.  They will write down memorable quotes from the weekend, and interview arrowmen that attended the event, asking for their opinion on how the event was and what they had the most fun doing.  They will, either Saturday Evening or Sunday Morning during clean-up, write a recap article on the event.  They will include the quotes and interviews that they did throughout the weekend, as well as a basic recap of what happened.  The article will be written in chronological order, starting with registration on Friday night.  The article will be approximately a half a page in length, single spaced, and can be upwards of 2 pages in length, single spaced.  The article(s), along with pictures, will be published in a newsletter named “The Quill,” which will only include information about the previous Lodge Event.  It will be published shortly after each event. 

The Press Corps will be available at the following Lodge Events:  Winter Fellowship, Indian Winter, Eastern Spring Conclave, Western Spring Conclave, Fall Conclave, Lodge Leadership Development Course, and other events at the request of the Lodge Officers. 

Each member of the Press Corps will receive a patch.  The patch will be a design similar to that of a press badge that a journalists would receive while going to, for example, a Major League Baseball Game, to write a story about the weekend.  The patch will serve as identification for each member, as well as promotion for the Press Corps.  As a person is named a member of the Press Corps., they will receive the patch at the beginning of the lodge event where they serve on the Press Corps. A spreadsheet of who has received a patch will be kept by the Publications Committee Chairman, to be shared with the Lodge Vice-Chief of Committees, to ensure a member does not receive multiple patches.  After the weekend is over, the member will be allowed to keep the patch, in order to promote Lodge Events, and the Press Corps as a whole, while continuing to serve on the Press Cops.

In order to be a member of the Press Corps., an arrowman must be dues paid for the current lodge year.  Chapter Secretaries and members of the Publications Committee will be strongly encouraged to become a member, but not required of them.  Any other interested arrowmen will be allowed to serve on the Press Corps as they so wish. 

For each lodge event, the size of the Press Corps will be determined by the attendance at the event.  For smaller attended events (Winter Fellowship, Indian Winter, Lodge Leadership Development course), a Press Corps of two-three people will be used, and for larger Lodge Events (Spring Conclaves, Fall Conclave), a Press Corps of five to eight arrowmen will be used to cover the whole camp.