Clothe the Scout Campaign is a program for low-income families that can’t afford to buy uniforms. This program is an excellent opportunity for all scouts to feel the pride and sense of belonging to our family organization. In order for the family to get the uniform they will need to fill out an application, which will be available at the council office or, on the council website.  The uniforms can be picked up at the Jon L. Wanzek Center for Scouting in Fargo, (4200 19th Ave S. Fargo, ND 58103) or sent out to the family. 

So what do we need from you? What we need is to encourage each of your current and former families that have been involved with your troop, to see if they would be willing to donate their old uniforms. We do ask that all non-essential patches be taken off the uniform (Rank, Patrol, Arrow of Light, and Leadership Position). Once the patches are off you can send the uniform or uniforms to Jon L. Wanzek Center for Scouting Attn: “Clothe the Scout”.

Click here for the Promotional Flyer: Clothe the Scout Promotional Flyer 

Click here for the Application:   Clothe the Scout Application