Meaning of the Pa-Hin Name

Pa-Hin is a Lakota (Sioux) word meaning porcupine. 

Variations of spelling: 

  • pȟahíŋ (Lakota)
  • phahį́ (Dakota)
  • pahį́ (Assiniboine)

How was the name chosen?

During 1976 there were two different totems in the running for what became Pa-Hin Lodge. One was a rabbit and the other the porcupine. Thankfully our predecessors choose the porcupine. Part of the attraction was no other lodge was using the porcupine as their totem. That continued until recent years when Kittan Lodge formed and also choose the porcupine as their totem. The first lodge adviser, Don Carlson, is thought to have been instrumental in facilitating the choosing of the Pa-Hin name.

What are porcupine's really like?

Check out Teddy the (talking) Porcupine and his amazing videos.

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Are there any other Porcupine Lodges?

Kittan Lodge #364 was chartered in 2007 in the Twin Rivers Council. It appears that Pa-Hin and Kittan are the only two lodges that use the porcupine as their totem.

Kittan Lodge links:

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