Pa-Hin Lodge #27 History

Pa-Hin Lodge #27 officially was chartered in 1977, after discussions in 1976, combining four existing lodges in the Northern Lights Council into a single Lodge. The four lodges were:

  • Chan-O-Wapi Lodge #52 (Missouri Valley Council #432 - based in Bismarck/Mandan)
  • Chatoka Lodge #183 (Great Plains Council #431 - based in Western ND/MT)
  • Thunderbird Lodge #371 (Lake Agassiz Council #430 - based in Grand Forks/East Grand Forks)
  • Minniduta Lodge #176 (Red River Valley Council #429 - based in Fargo/Moorhead)

From 1977 until approximately 1980, the former lodges continued to conduct operations as tribes and chapters (example: the Thunderbird Tribe), holding conclaves and OA events along the old Lodge lines.

Around 1980, the tribes structure was discontinued and operations were continued as chapters and lodge, aligning chapters based on the Districts structure established by the Northern Lights Council.

The Lodge currently (as of 2017) has a total of 10 Chapters covering 2 Timezones (Central and Mountain), 4 States (MT, ND, SD, MN), 76 Counties, and approximately 96,000 square miles. The 2013 roster count was 581 registered members.

How did the lodge come together?

In January of 1974, Great Plains, Lake Agassiz, Missouri Valley and Red River Valley Councils merged into the Northern Lights Council. The four Order of the Arrow lodges, Chan-O-Wapi, Chatoka, Minniduta and Thunderbird were granted a waiver to continue to operate as independent lodges. In early 1976, the council was notified that the 4 lodges would need to merge effective January 1, 1977. 

The 4 lodges conducted merger meetings throughout 1976, primarily in Carrington, ND. Lodges who’s officer years went fall conclave to fall conclave had “interim” lodge chiefs for late 1976. 2 of these interim chiefs were Scott Radig (Chan-O-Wapi) and Brian Malard (Minniduta). This bridged the time from the 1976 Fall Conclaves to the start of Pa-Hin Lodge in January 1977. 

On October 15-17, 1976, the 4 Lodges of the Northern Lights Council jointly hosted the NC-2 Section Conclave. Immediately after the conclave, the lodge merger committee selected the lodge name of Pa-Hin and totem of a porcupine, along with the original flap that was designed by Bill Nelson of Fargo. The other finalist was a rabbit as a totem, (the suggested name for the rabbit totem has been lost to time). Lodge flaps for the new lodge were ordered right after that meeting, so that they would be ready for the inaugural lodge meeting on January 7-8, 1977. That meeting was postponed due to a blizzard and was held on February 18 - 19, 1977 in Valley City. At that meeting the bylaws were approved and Scott Hooper from Detroit Lakes, MN, was elected as Pa-Hin’s first lodge chief. 

Since that time, Pa-Hin Lodge has inducted thousands of Arrowmen, conducted many Chapter and Lodge conclaves, performed countless hours of service and represented the lodge at many Sectional, Regional and National events. 36 Lodge Chiefs have served Pa-Hin Lodge, hailing from 19 Northern Lights Council cities and 4 states. To date (January 2016), we have not had a Lodge Chief from South Dakota.