Lodge Numbers & Why #27

Until December 2003, Order of the Arrow Lodges were issued a unique "Lodge Number", separate from the council number. Numbers were issued sequentially as lodges were chartered. A side effect of this was that having a lower lodge number bestowed prestige. 

As time went on and councils changed and merged new lodges would be formed. The new lodge would be offered a choice of any available numbers. Thus lodges like Pa-Hin which didn't come into existence later then the first lodges could end up with a much lower lodge number then they would have had if a strictly sequential timeline was maintained.

For example, Pa-Hin Lodge was chartered in 1977 with the lodge number 27. The four lodges that merged to create Pa-Hin had lodge numbers of 52 (Chan-O-Wapi), 183 (Chatoka), 176 (Minniduta), and 371 (Thunderbird). While Pa-Hin is now approaching a respectable 40 years of history (38 years as of 2015) there is no question it was not 27th lodge created. 

In December 2003 the national Order of the Arrow committee voted to "discontinue using lodge numbers for national reporting and registration purposes".

Many lodges, including Pa-Hin, continue to utilize their lodge number in their branding.