National, Region, & Section Officers

Pa-Hin Lodge and it's predecessors have had several youth leaders rise to section, region, and national offices.

National Officers

Term Position  Officer  Hometown  
 1967 - 1968   National Conference Chief   Dr. Robert "Bob" Szczys   Bottineau, ND

Region and Area Officers 

Term Position  Officer  Hometown  
 2005   Central Region Chief   Dr. Paul Jensen   Stephen, MN 
 1981 - 1982   North Central Region Chief   Arnie Heck  Mandan, ND
 ???  Area 10A Chief  Dr. Robert "Bob" Szczys  Bottineau, ND
 ???   Area 10A Secretary  Dr. Robert "Bob" Szczys  Bottineau, ND

* Order of the Arrow no longer has youth officers on the area level. Areas are now divided into one or more sections. Pa-Hin currently resides in Central Region, Area 1, Section C-1A. The other section in Area 1 is Section C-1B. 

Section Officers

Term Position  Name  Hometown  
 2018 - 2019   Section C-1A Chief  Evan Schroeder  Alexandria, MN
 2018 - 2019  Section C-1A Vice Chief  Ryan Hansen  Fergus Falls, MN
  2017 - 2018   Section C-1A Vice Chief  Evan Schroeder  Alexandria, MN
 2016 - 2017  Section C-1A Vice Chief  Andrew Fugleberg  Portland, ND
 2015 - 2016   Section C-1A Chief  Seth "Sethery" Murray  Wyndmere, ND
 2014 - 2015  Section C-1A Vice Chief  Seth Murray  Wyndmere, ND
 2014 - 2015  Section C-1A Secretary  Jarod Smith  Horace, ND
 2012 - 2013  Section C-1A Vice Chief   Kyle Roberts  West Fargo, ND
 2011 - 2012  Section C-1A Vice Chief  Brandon Van Den Eykel   Frazee, MN
 2008 - 2009  Section C-1A Secretary  Jack Golden  Bismarck, ND
 2007 - 2008  Section C-1A Chief  Kevin Helland  Kathryn, ND
 2006 - 2007  Section C-1A Chief  Kyle Becker  Bismarck, ND
 2005 - 2006  Section C-1A Chief  Kyle Becker  Bismarck, ND
 2004 - 2005  Section C-1A Chief  Paul Jensen  Stephen, MN
 2004  Section C-1A Chief  Paul Jensen  Stephen, MN
 2003  Section C-1A Secretary  Paul Jensen  Stephen, MN
 2002 - 2003  Section C-1A Secretary  Paul Jensen  Stephen, MN
 2001 - 2002  Section C-1A Secretary  Phil Jensen  Stephen, MN
 2000 - 2001  Section C-1A Vice Chief  Phil Jensen  Stephen, MN
 1999 - 2000  Section C-1A Chief  Phil Jensen  Stephen, MN
 1998 - 1999  Section C-1A Vice Chief  Phil Jensen  Stephen, MN
 1997 - 1998  Section C-1A Chief  Jon Nygren  Fisher, MN
 * Section C-1 was realigned in 1997 and divided into Section C-1A and C-1B. Pa-Hin became a member of Section C-1A.
 1996  Section C-1 Chief  Scott Skyberg  Dilworth, MN
 * Order of the Arrow Regions and Sections went through a massive realignment in 1993. The six Regions were consolidated into 4. Pa-Hin moved from the defunct North Central Region into the new Central Region.
 1981  NC-2 Section Chief  Arnie Heck  Mandan, ND