Lodge Service Committee

The Service Committee is responsible for planning and organizing OA service projects at conclaves and special projects.

Service Committee Leadership:

  • 2021 Service Chairman: Alex R. (Chapter 11)
  • Lead Adviser:  Jeff Brown (Chapter 3)


  1. Propose a yearly schedule of service and conservation projects (in consultation with the Council Properties Committee and Council Ranger(s) , obtain Council approval for these projects, and make complete plans for accomplishing them.
  2. This schedule should include projects suitable for work weekends at the Council camps, projects for ordeal candidates and members at conclave, troops at camp, etc 3. Assist in the procurement and transportation of supplies and tools for OA sponsored service projects at the Council Camps.
  3. Organize Arrowmen to provide services at the Council Service Centers and to provide services to district operations.
  4. Maintain a program to assist new units with the unit's program and camping activities.
  5. Promote Arrowmen to participate as staff for: Cub Scout Day Camps, Webeloes overnight camping, District Camporees, Council Camperalls, Summer Camp, Scout Shows, District/Council sponsored community service, and other events.
  6. Work with the Elangomat Committee to co-ordinate service projects.