Pa-Hin Lodge Executive Committee

The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) is the steering committee for the Pa-Hin Lodge. In Pa-Hin Lodge this group has sometimes been called the executive board or e-board.

The LEC faces the problems, studies possible solutions, and then acts through the Lodge, Chapter, and/or Operating Committee structure. It carries on the business of the Lodge, coordinating the work being done by officers and operating committees.

Pa-Hin Lodge holds a minimum of four LEC meetings per year (Pa-Hin Bylaws, 2008 revision). Typically LEC's are held at Winter Fellowship and the Lodge Retreat & Lodge Leadership Development (LLD). LEC meetings may occur via conference call. LEC meetings held at events usually have an open conference call as well so members who are not able to attend in person can still participate.

The Lodge Chief is serves as the LEC chairman and presides over meetings. He is expected to prepare agendas and share them with the Lodge and Staff Adviser before sending them to LEC members with the meeting announcement. Meetings are managed according to Robert's Rules of Order.

LEC meetings are open to any Lodge member (youth or adult) to attend Lodge Executive Committee meetings as an observer (Guide for Officers and Advisers, 2012, pg 8). 

Youth LEC Members:

The Pa-Hin LEC is comprised (Pa-Hin Bylaws, 2008 revision) of the following youth officers and chairmen:

  1.  Lodge Chief
  2.  Lodge Vice Chief of Committees
  3.  Lodge Vice Chief of Chapters
  4.  Lodge Secretary
  5.  Lodge Treasurer
  6.  Past Lodge Chief *
  7.  Lodge Activities Committee Chairman
  8.  Lodge Ceremonies Committee Chairman
  9.  Lodge Founder's Award Committee Chairman
  10.  Lodge Membership Committee Chairman
  11.  Lodge Publications Committee Chairman
  12.  Lodge Service Committee Chairman
  13.  Lodge Vigil Honor Committee Chairman
  14.  The Chapter Chiefs of the 10 Chapters (1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14)

* Regardless of his age, the (immediate) Past Lodge Chief is a member of the LEC. If he turns 21 years of age during his tenure he no longer has a vote on the LEC, but he is still a member of the group.

This gives the Pa-Hin LEC a maximum of twenty-three youth (voting) members, though usually it is less as a few positions are sometimes held by the same individual. For example a Chapter Chief might also serve as the chairman for one of the Operating Committees or he may also hold one of the Lodge Officer positions.

In order to proceed with a Lodge Executive Committee Meeting, a quorum of at least fifty (50) percent of the Chapters must be present with at least one (1) voting member. If a quorum is not reached, no business may take place at the meeting. (Pa-Hin Bylaws, 2008 revision). With ten Chapters currently, this means at least five Chapters must be represented. 


Only youth members (Arrowmen under the age of 21) are voting members of the LEC. A number of advisers are also members of the LEC. These include:

  1.  Lodge Adviser
  2.  Lodge Staff Adviser
  3.  Council Scout Executive
  4.  Associate Lodge Advisers and lead advisers for Lodge Committees 
  5.  Chapter Advisers