Lodge Ceremonies Committee

The Ceremonies Committee oversees and organizes ceremonies, including: Call-Out Ceremonies, Ordeal, and Brotherhood. The committee is also responsible for the Elangomat-Nimat program, and for American Indian culture and history.

Ceremonies Leadership:

  • 2019 Ceremonies Chairman: Evan S. (Chapter 4)
  • Lead Adviser: Matt Everson (Chapter 5)


  1. Organize and train Chapter ceremony teams
  2. Provide instructions to members in American Indian dancing, American Indian culture and history, and regalia
  3. Maintain an up to date inventory of ceremony equipment
  4. See to the upkeep of ceremonial grounds and belongings
  5. Administer sign out and check in records of all Lodge owned ceremonial equipment.
  6. Order and replace regalia as authorized
  7. Oversee Chapter call-out ceremonies to make sure that they follow current standards as stated in Annex B titled "Official Call-Out Ceremony for Pa-Hin Lodge #27"
  8. Recruit Arrowmen to be Elangomats at the conclaves
  9. Inform all Elangomats what their responsibilities will be and make sure they understand the program
  10. Establish an Extended Elangomat Program in the Lodge and in the Chapters
  11. Provide a training experience for Elangomats
  12. Work to instill a respect for the Ten Induction Principles in the general Lodge membership
  13. Assist the chapters with any problems relating to ceremonies