The mighty Pa-Hin Lodge is the second largest Order of the Arrow lodge by geography. Pa-Hin covers a territory of 93,112 square miles, 76 counties, 4 states, and 2 time zones.

Each chapter has a Chapter Chief, an adult (volunteer) Chapter Adviser, a professional Chapter Staff Adviser (usually a District Executive), and additional officers and advisers as appropriate. Chapters bring the Order of the Arrow program to the local units.

Chapter  Chapter Name  Usual Meeting Time Websites -
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 Chapter Adviser
& Email Address
      1        Flickertail  3rd Saturday of the month  Click here  Adam Trapp,
3  Hahatonwan  1st Thursday of the month  Click here  Shawn Consley,
4  Lakes  1st Tuesday of the month  Click here  Brenda Thomson,
5  Red Water People  3rd Thursday of the month  Click here  Ashley Everson,
8  Lake Agassiz    Click here  Jeremy Dombrowski,
10  Mako Shika    Click here  Rich Stradling,
11  Chickasioux    Click here  Jed Clifford,
12  Mbi-Memsochet
   Click here  Jeremy Purcell,
13  Arikara  Last Thursday of the month  Click here  John Bisbee,
14  Nakoda    Click here
 Leland Tong,
Because of its immense size the lodge is divided into ten chapters, each corresponding to a district of the Northern Lights Council. As of 2017:
Chapter 1:  Flickertail District, Jamestown, ND
Chapter 3:  Oxcart Trails District, Fergus Falls, MN
Chapter 4:  Lakes District, Alexandria, MN
Chapter 5:  Northern Sky District, Fargo, ND
Chapter 8:  Lake Agassiz District, Grand Forks, ND
Chapter 10:  Roughrider District, Dickinson, ND
Chapter 11:  Tomahawk District, Minot, ND
Chapter 12:  Voyageur Trails District, Thief River Falls, MN
Chapter 13:  Frontier Trails District, Bismarck, ND
Chapter 14:  Great Plains District, Williston, ND

What Do Chapters Do?

The primary focus of our chapters is to provide Unit Elections and to hold regular Chapter Meetings. Chapter programs vary by chapter but may also include:
  • Service Projects
  • Supporting their District at a Scout Show or Camporee
  • Ceremonies training
  • American Indian crafts and culture activities (visiting a powwow, learn dancing, crafts, etc)
  • Call-Out Ceremonies
  • Arrow of Light and Webelos Cross-Over ceremonies
  • Conducting or assisting with a Spring Conclave or other OA events

Where Are Chapters 2, 6, 7, And 9?

About ten years ago there was an unfortunate accident with a flux capacitor and a Romulan cloaking device… Er.. Not so much. Over time districts are sometimes rearranged. District 5 was formed on August 1, 1998 by merging Districts 2 and 6. Shortly after the Chapters 2 and 6 were merged to create Chapter 5.

We aren’t sure what happened to districts 7 and 9, or if they ever actually existed. If someone has information on these “lost” chapters or has information on the chapters that existed under the four lodges that predated Pa-Hin, please let us know!

The current Chapter 14 used to be referred to as Chapters 14 and 15 but it operated as a single chapter. Chapter 15 was the North Dakota side of the district and Chapter 14 was the Montana side.