What's the most important thing?

by: Shawn Johnston on


You could have the best program but if nobody knows what you are doing, does it matter? – Jeff Pastir

I remember a Lodge Executive Committee meeting in 1994 when the Lodge Adviser Jeff Pastir asked us if we had made any progress on publishing an edition of The Arrow, the lodge newsletter. We told him no, we had been to busy working on other things. Cool things, great things even – like our plan for world domination. Mr. Pastir looked at us and asked if the rest of the lodge didn’t know what we were doing, did it matter?

Go to any Order of the Arrow (OA) event and ask what is our biggest challenge? Usually the first answer is we need to improve communications.

Why is that?

Learning how to communicate effectively is a lifelong challenge. It isn't just something you practice in Scouting, Order of the Arrow, or school. - Shawn Johnston

It is a strange problem in today’s world if you consider it. We have so many tools to communicate and most of them are pretty easy to use. Even making a phone call isn’t too hard.

The answer is effective communication is hard, no matter how you deliver the message. It takes hard work, practice and time. You also have to have the tools to communicate effectively. This challenge isn’t one limited to OA, communication is a life long challenge for all of us.

One of our goals this year was to improve our website. We wanted to make it easier for content to get updated. We wanted to bring more information to the membership. We wanted to make the tools to communicate easier to use.

This week we launched the new Pa-Hin website. Not everything is perfect but it is a good improvement. In the coming weeks you will see:

  • New content posted by your lodge officers
  • Updated information on upcoming events like Spring Conclaves and NOAC
  • Photos from past events

We hope you enjoy your new website.

Your's in the Brotherhood,

Shawn Johnston
Pa-Hin Lodge Adviser