Lodge Chief Update - April 17

by: John Bisbee on

Greetings Arrowmen,

 I hope you are all enjoying a great week!  I have been busy preparing for final tests and other music performances this past week.  It has been an interesting week for me, there are a few things that I would like to share with all of you.

On Tuesday, April 14, at approximately 4:00pm, the University of Mary campus in Bismarck was evacuated due to an out of control grass fire one mile from campus.  The wind was blowing at a solid 30 mph north, in the direction of the main campus.  I was off campus for a rehearsal in town and received the evacuation message, along with about seven other text messages from various students and faculty asking if I needed anything.  I had very limited supplies with me, only an oboe, an English Horn, a water bottle, and my car.  The fire approached campus at a rapid speed and caught many off guard.  The fire approached each building on our main campus, most only being five to ten feet away from the flames.  In my dorm room, I keep a ton of scouting memorabilia, including our Legacy Lid for NOAC 2015.  The Legacy Lid came within 20 feet of the fire on Tuesday.  Luckily, due to the quick actions of the Emergency Responds for Morton and Burleigh County in North Dakota, no homes were damaged from the fire.  As I look around campus now, it is a sea of black, charred grass.  I would much rather see this than the remains of a building that I visit each day on campus.  Here are a few pictures from on campus during the fire (Be watching for more pictures of the lid with the charred grass in the background):

UMary Picture - This is of our Chapel on Campus, with the smoke in the background.  

UMary Picture - This is an awesome picture.  The fire is approximately where my dorm room is at, only a small distance from the Legacy Lid at that point.

For one of my classes this semester, Elementary Music Methods, I have been completing a practicum experience with a local grade school music teacher.  I have spent at least three hours per week in the music classroom at St. Mary's Grade School in Bismarck, assisting with the teaching of the class, participating in their lessons, and even teaching my own music lesson.  I worked specifically with the Kindergarten, 6th Grade, and 4th Grade classes at St. Mary's.  It was an awesome experience (yes, they all did call me Mr. Bisbee) and one I will remember for many years to come.  Who knows what may happen to those students I taught?  Some of those students I may never see again.  Some may see me again soon when I complete another set of prac

ticum hours.  Some may even be my very own students in a few short years.  Some may even become arrowmen, just like we are.  You never know who you will meet on a daily basis, I highly encourage you to strive to make a difference in the life of another person.  That person can be young (I taught my music lesson to a Kindergarten class, they are only 5-6 years old) or they can be older.  With your daily actions, help make another person achieve their goals and become the best person that they can possibly. be.  Strive to make a difference in the life of someone each day.  

I hope you all have a great rest of the month of April, Spring Conclaves will be here before we know it!

Yours in Brotherhood,

John Bisbee

2015 Pa-Hin Lodge Chief