Lodge Chief Update October 11

by: John Bisbee on

Greetings Arrowmen!

Wow, this semester is really going by fast!  I am busy preparing for midterm exams this coming week, including work on a few other projects for each of my classes.  My fall semester has definitely been busy, but I am having such a great time!  

Earlier this week, as I was preparing to go and complete a practicum experience at Simle Middle School with their 6th Grade Choir, I received a message, informing me about the passing of Daryl Kalla.  Daryl was a great man, someone that would always make an effort to attend our events.  I always got a smile on my face when I would look out in the parking lot at an event and see a red van parked next to my car :) .  Even though I won't see that van parked next to my car anymore when I attend events, I will always have the memories that I made with Daryl.  Whether it be having him cook at so many of the events I had the privilege of overseeing, or the many conversations that we had via Facebook and text messaging, I'll always remember Daryl as a person that always cared about others.  I encourage all of you that knew Daryl to sit back and remember the times that you had together, and remember what sort of an impact that he had on your life.  You can even strive to make the same impact on the lives of others, someday.  

It has been great to be able to connect with so many Scouts/Arrowmen over these past few months!  On an average day, I find myself chatting with over ten different individuals, ranging from Minneapolis, MN to Plentywood, MT, and all the way in-between.  I'm super excited for so many great things to happen because of all of these conversations, including a Chapter 14 meeting in Plentywood, MT!  Our members from Troop 283 in Plentywood are busy planning a great meeting/lock-in, to officially welcome back an Order of the Arrow presence in the Northern Lights Council portion of Montana!

As I begin my last few months as Lodge Chief, and as a Lodge Officer in general, I want you all to think about something:  What sort of impact are you having in the lives of others?  I always make it a point to reach out and become friends with anyone that I can cross paths with, as you never know what may happen with them.  I think about some of the people that I invited to be the first committee chairmen that I worked with:  Reed Johnson (currently attending West Point), Brady Letteer (just completed his first round of training as a US Marine), and Josh Mork (traveling abroad to study in places like Greece).  It's interesting to think about that:  Where would they be had I not had the opportunity to work with them?  Would they be in similar positions, or would they be doing something completely different with their life?  We may never know the answer to that, but you can definitely still strive to impact individuals.  It will open so many doors for them, some that may have seemed impossible.  Just one conversation with an individual could change their life.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your dedication and hard work for the Pa-Hin Lodge program.  Without all of you, my job would be a lot more difficult, and make our program not as successful.  I ask that as we continue to move forward into 2016, that you all keep up the great work that you are providing, and continue to do it as much as possible :)


John Bisbee

2015 Pa-Hin Lodge Chief