A Day in the Life of a Lodge Chief - Wednesday

by: John Bisbee on

A day late, but here is my Wednesday schedule!  

My Wednesday mornings begin at 5:25am sharp!  I follow the same schedule as Monday and Tuesday morning, by getting ready to go for the day, grabbing a bite to eat, and being ready to practice some oboe by 6:00am.  I will practice until about 7:15am, then take a bit of a break, getting caught up on emails, and seeing what news stories are available on the internet! 

My Monday and Wednesday schedule are quite similar!  I begin my morning with classes at 8:00am, with Music Theory IV.  I then move to Music History I at 9:00am, and enjoy a small break at 10:00am.  I will take that time to practice oboe, normally looking at solo repertoire.  At 11:00am, I sing in the University Concert Choir, and enjoy lunch at 12:00pm.  I normally eat at our school cafeteria with some of my fellow music majors!  At 1:00pm, I will run off to a new class, named Orchestration and Arranging.  During this class, we learn how to arrange music for various instruments, and even a full sized orchestra and concert band!  My 2:00pm hour is spent practicing, in preparation for our University Concert Band rehearsal, which begins at 3:00pm. 

After rehearsal, I will sit down and work on homework, while also sending out a few emails regarding Order of the Arrow information.  I try to end at around 6:00pm, to give myself a bit of a break from constant work.  At 7:00pm, you will find me at Grace Baptist Church in Bismarck, ND.  I am helping start up a new church, it has been a great experience!  After we conclude our evening services, I return to campus, usually to eat dinner right as I arrive back (macaroni and cheese is one of my favorites!) 

I will then continue to work on homework, and practice, until around 11:00pm.  I will then return to my apartment, and kick back a bit for the evening (maybe see if an episode of Tanked is on Animal Planet, or if a baseball game is on), then go to bed, ready for another early morning J

John Bisbee

2015 Pa-Hin Lodge Chief