A Day in the Life of a Lodge Chief - Thursday

by: John Bisbee on

The Blog Series continues with Thursday!

As with the rest of the week, my Thursday’s begin at 5:25 am!  I’ll get ready for the day, eat some quick food, then get ready to play some oboe!  I’ll practice for close to an hour in the morning, then sit back a bit at around 7:20am.  I’ll chat with a few friends then, check some emails, and try to relax before a busy morning! 

My morning schedule is the same for both Tuesday and Thursday.  I start my day with Advanced Instrumental Conducting (8:00am) then move to Secondary Choral Methods (9:00am).  For my practicum, I am now complete at Simle Middle School and will be beginning next week at Legacy High School in Bismarck, ND!  AT 10:00am, I have Brass Pedagogy (our class catch-phrase:  Length Determines Fundamental Pitch), then our University Concert Choir at 11:00am.  I leave rehearsal a little early to make my way to practicum, with that usually finished at around 1:30pm.  Since it is close to a 30 minute drive from Legacy High School to the University of Mary, I arrive back at around 2:00pm, and practice some oboe a little more!  I then play in our University Concert Band until 4:15pm or so. 

I finally have some time for lunch!  I’ll eat a bit, then put in some time on homework.  I try to attend the Chapter 13 monthly meetings, which take place on the last Thursday of the month, while also rehearsing with our University of Mary Blue Crew Pep Band.  I’ll keep on working on homework and end my evening with practicing until about 10:30pm, then checking emails, then making my way towards my apartment for the evening!   Fridays are just as busy!

John Bisbee

2015 Pa-Hin Lodge Chief