A Day in the Life of a Lodge Chief - Friday

by: John Bisbee on

Welcome to Friday in my life!  

Just like a normal day during the week, I am up by 5:25am, enjoying breakfast, then practicing by 6:00am.  My oboe instructor is Tonya Mertz, I have studied with her for two and a half years so far, it has been an awesome experience!  I’ll try and end my practice session by 7:10am to allow for time for homework, checking email, and chatting with some friends! 

Friday’s are my busiest day class-wise.  I begin my day at 8:00am with Dr. Lucas Bernier, our percussion instructor, with Music Theory IV.  We are currently working on graphic notation with music and our final projects!  At 9:00am, I am in Music History I with Mrs. Marylee Prebys, where we are discussion Baroque music!  At 10:00am, I take some time to prepare for my upcoming oboe recital!  Our University Concert Choir is under the direction of Dr. Thomas Porter, which meets at 11:00am.  At noon, I play in our campus Woodwind Ensemble, under the direction of Dr. Daniel Loudenback, professor of woodwind studies, and Dr. Russell Ballenger, professor of low brass and jazz. 

At 1:00pm, I am with Dr. Ballenger again, for Orchestration and Arranging.  We are currently arranging a piano piece for full concert band, it is a fun process!  Next, I play oboe/English horn in our University Oboe Ensemble, under the direction of my private instructor, Tonya Mertz.  I finish my day with a zero credit class, Perform Lab.  This is were all music majors and minors come together to perform, interact, and fellowship with one another for two hours a week! 

My evenings are usually spent doing homework, traveling to OA events, or playing in the Bismarck/Mandan Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Beverly Everett (Dr. Everaldo Martinez, concertmaster) or the Missouri Valley Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Dennis Gowen, who also directs our University of Mary Concert Band. After these rehearsals, I try to relax a bit and enjoy what life has to offer when I am not to busy!  

John Bisbee

2015 Pa-Hin Lodge Chief