2018 Vigil Honor Nomination Form


The Vigil Honor was first bestowed upon E. Urner Goodman by the Unami Lodge in 1915, and has since been conferred annually as a national recognition upon OA members for noteworthy service to others through the OA and Scouting. New Vigil Honor members are nominated, approved, and inducted annually in virtually all current OA lodges.

Lodges nominate Brotherhood members for the Vigil Honor according to specific national requirements, with nominations limited according to lodge size and a balance between youth and adult members. Those members whose lodges' nominations have been approved by the National OA office are inducted during a special ceremony, and are bestowed with a name of honor translated in both a Native American/American Indian language as well as English. The National OA office issues a Vigil Honor certificate recognizing this honor with the honoree's given name and the Vigil Honor name in both translations.

2018 Vigil Honor Nomination Form


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