Knowledge Base

  • How much are dues??

    Dues are $15.00 per year. Dues can be paid individually or a "season pass" can be purchased for $100 that registers you for most of the lodge events and includes your dues. 

  • What does Pa-Hin mean??

    Pa-Hin is a Lakota word meaning porcupine. For more information check out this page on the Pa-Hin name (click here).

  • What is the Season Pass??

    Season Pass is a yearly purchase that includes the following items:

    • Your dues for the year ($15 value)
    • Registration for both Spring Conclaves (usually a $30 value for regular members)
    • Registration for Fall Conclave (usually a $30 value for regular members)
    • Registration Lodge Retreat and LLD (a $20 value)
    • Both Indian Winter Events
    • Additionally if you go through your Brotherhood during the year you will have no additional costs, this is a $10 - $15 value
    • You will receive the event patches for each of these included events, even if you do not attend

    Depending on your participation you will save $15 - $30 on your OA events for the year.

    The Season Pass does not include these events:

    • Section Conclave
    • NOAC
    • Or any other OA event not specifically listed as being included

  • When are unit elections held??

    Unit elections are conducted from December 1 through April 1.