Lodge Dues and Season Pass

Lodge dues are $15.00 per year, payable to "Northern Lights Council" or "NLC". 

The lodge flap signifies active dues paid membership in a local lodge. (OA Handbook, p. 47, 2000 revision.) - To wear your lodge flap you should be an active dues paid member.

Transfers and Dues Lapsed Members

If you have transferred into the Northern Lights Council or if you have not paid your OA dues for a while, you need pay only the current year's dues of $15.00 to reinstate yourself as an active member in the OA. You must also be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America. 

Season Pass

Starting in 2014, Pa-Hin Lodge has offered a Season Pass. The idea is a single, yearly payment that covers dues and the main events of the year.

The 2016 Season Pass ($125) includes:

  • 2016 Dues
  • Winter Fellowship
  • Both 2016 Spring Conclaves
  • 2016 Fall Conclave
  • 2016 Lodge Retreat and LLD
  • 2016 March and December Indian Winter
  • Cost of going through the Brotherhood ceremony at a conclave or summer camp
  • You will receive the 2016 event patches for each of these events: Spring and Fall Conclaves, Winter Fellowship, and LLD - even if you do not attend them

The 2016 Season Pass does not include these events:

  • Section Conclave
  • Or any other OA event not listed as included